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The Why Behind My Website!

Hey everyone!

This website has been my favorite project of 2020. I've been wanting to get back into pitching lessons and the softball world since I graduated in 2018, but I just didn't know how I wanted to do it. Then I started thinking about what I needed when I was looking for pitching guidance in high school.

Through high school and college, my grampa was my biggest fan (pictured below). He used to research softball pitching, and the stats of the other high school teams online. He wrote me notes on what to do to be a better pitcher and player. He also used to tell me to research my position online and absorb anything that I could find. But that was just the thing - I couldn't find much on pitching drills, and pitching tips that could help me at the level that I was at. There were a lot of beginner drills, and only a few videos on how to throw spin pitches, and how to get into college. I craved more, but didn't have the guidance to do more. So, instead, I just practiced what I knew (which was inefficient mechanics and a crappy change up) and hoped for the best.

Through college, I got into coaching and realized how much I could teach young pitchers everywhere. I realized my impact on young pitchers when one of my long term athletes I worked with for a little over a year, came to my senior day at school (pictured below). I supported her through everything she did for that year, and it was so amazing to see how much she supported me. I had taught her everything I knew about pitching mechanics and mindset, and gave her the confidence to continue her journey as a pitcher. Anyone who has started their journey as a pitcher knows that it is NOT an easy road to success.

My hope for this website is to inspire, encourage, and teach young pitchers everything that I know about pitching, pitching mechanics, and pitch selection. I also hope to encourage my athletes to be the most genuine and confident versions of themselves.

Stay tuned on this blog page for more of my story, and my thoughts on pitching and softball!

Keep working hard,

Coach Emily

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